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Piff in a Puffle Picture Book   


A fun and playful picture book that celebrates neurodiversity in a tale about a young pufferfish’s attempt to find a circus act that is right for her.
Written by Sarah Lavelle & Designed by Ness Wood of Orange Beak Studios & illustrated by
A bit about the author ✍️ ….
Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD, Sarah didn’t see herself reflected in the characters of the books she read. After her late diagnosis she was finally able to grapple with her feelings of being misunderstood that followed her throughout her life. She’s delighted that she has the chance to be part of the world-wide movement to create more inclusive books that reflect our wonderfully neurodiverse society. She hopes her debut picture book “Piff in a Puffle” will open conversations about ADHD amongst adults and children alike.

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